C programming Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ )

C Multiple Choice Questions | MCQ | Quiz

Here you can find all C programming multiple choice question of all impotent topics which is useful in all Exams. you can find mcq about variables, datatype & data size, constants, declaration, arithmetic operators, relational operators & logical operators, type conversions ,increment operators & decrements operators, bitwise operator, assignment operator & Expression, conditional expression, Conditional Expressions, Precedence and Order of Evaluation , If-then-else Statements, Switch Statements, For Loops, While Loops, Break and Continue, Goto & Labels, Functions Basics, External Variables, Variable Scope, Static Variables, Register Variables, Automatic Variables, Preprocessor, File Inclusion, Macro Substitution, Conditional Inclusion, Pointers and Addresses, Pointers and Arrays ,Address Arithmetic,
Pointers/Functions, Pointers to Pointers, Multidimensional Arrays, Pointer Arrays Init, Pointers/Multi-dimensional Arrays, Command Line Arguments, Pointers to Functions, Complicated Declarations, Basics of Structures, Structures and Functions, Arrays of Structures, Pointer to Structures, Self-Referential Structures, Table Lookup, Typedefs, Unions, Bit-fields, Standard Input & Output, Formatted output
Variable Length Argument,File Access,Error Handling,Line Input & Output,String Operations,Character Class testing,Ungetc,Storage Management,Mathematical Functions,Random Number Generation,Float Datatype,Sizeof Keyword etc…

c programming Question


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