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big Tag in HTML

The <big> tag in HTML is used to increase the font size of the text enclosed within it. It is a non-semantic tag, which means it does not convey any meaning or importance to the content within it, but rather it is used purely for presentational purposes.


The syntax for the <big> tag is as follows:

<big>Text to be enlarged</big>


The <big> tag does not have any attributes.


Here’s an example of how the <big> tag can be used in HTML:

<p>This text is normal size.</p>
<p><big>This text is larger.</big></p>
<p>This text is normal size again.</p>

In this example, the text “This text is larger.” will be displayed with a larger font size than the other two paragraphs, due to the <big> tag surrounding it.


The output of the above HTML code will look like this:

This text is normal size.

This text is larger.

This text is normal size again.


It’s worth noting that the <big> tag has been deprecated in HTML5 and is no longer recommended for use. Instead, it is recommended to use CSS to control the styling of text and other elements on a web page. CSS offers more control and flexibility over font sizes and other presentational elements, and is a more modern and widely used approach to web design.

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