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Title Tag HTML

The `<title>` tag is an HTML element that defines the title of a webpage. It is a required element in HTML and is located within the `<head>` section of the webpage. The text inside the `<title>` tag appears in the browser’s title bar, bookmarks, and search engine results.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the `<title>` tag in your HTML code:

1. Open your text editor or HTML editor of choice. You can use any text editor such as Notepad, Sublime Text, or Visual Studio Code.

2. Create a new HTML file or open an existing one. You can use the .html extension for your file.

3. Add the `<head>` section to your HTML file if it does not already exist. This section is where you should place any meta tags, scripts, and stylesheets.

4. Within the `<head>` section, add the `<title>` tag. The `<title>` tag should be placed directly after the opening `<head>` tag and before any other tags. For example:

<title>My Website Title</title>
<!– other tags –>

5. Replace “My Website Title” with your desired title. The title should accurately reflect the content of your webpage and be descriptive enough for users to understand what the webpage is about. The title should also be unique and not used by any other webpage.

6. Save the file and open it in a web browser. You should see the title of your webpage appear in the browser’s title bar.

7. Test your webpage on different browsers and devices to ensure that the title appears correctly.

Some best practices for using the `<title>` tag include keeping it concise and informative, using relevant keywords, and avoiding excessive repetition. Additionally, it is recommended to keep the title under 70 characters to ensure that it appears correctly in search engine results.

In conclusion, the `<title>` tag is an essential HTML element that helps search engines and users understand the content of your webpage. By following this tutorial, you can easily add a title to your webpage and improve its usability and visibility.

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