NCERT Syllabus For Class 1 to XII

Syllabus I-XII

Syllabus of Computer Science at Higher Secondary Stage
Click Here for download of Syllabus at Elementary Level
Click Here for download of Syllabus at Secondary and Higher Secondary Level
Following past convention, NCERT textbooks based on the new syllabi are in the three phases:
Phase one, 2006-07: Classes I, III, VI, IX and XI
Phase two, 2007-08: Classes II, IV, VII, X and XII
Phase three, 2008-09: Classes V and VIII
Revised Syllabus of Biology,Chemistry,Mathematics and Physics at Higher Secondary Stage
Revised Syllabus of Biology
Revised Syllabus of Chemistry
Revised Syllabus of Mathematics
Revised Syllabus of Physics
Syllabus for Additional Courses for Higher Secondary Classes
Human Ecology And Family Sciences
Art Education
Graphic Design
Indian Crafts
The Computer And Communication Technologies (CCT)
Media Studies for class I to XII
Syllabus on media studies for classes XI and XII
Final syllabus on Health & Physical Education (Class I – X)

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