C Programming PPT Powerpoint Presentation


Download C Programming PPT Notes
  1. Introduction to Computers and C++Programming

  2. Introduction to C Programming

  3. Structured Program Development

  4. Program Control

  5. Functions

  6. Arrays

  7. Pointers

  8. Characters and Strings

  9. Formatted Input/Output

  10. Structures, Unions, Bit Manipulations, and Enumerations

  11. File Processing

  12. Data Structures

  13. The Preprocessor

  14. Advanced C Topics

  15. C++ As A “Better C”

  16. Classes and Data Abstraction

  17. C++ Classes: Part II

  18. Operator Overloading

  19. Inheritance

  20. Virtual Functions and Polymorphism

  21. C++ Stream Input/Output

  22. C++ Templates

  23. Exception Handling

  24. Introduction to Java Applications and Applets

  25. Beyond C & C++: Operators, Methods, and Arrays in Java

  26. Java Object-Based Programming

  27. Java Object-Oriented Programming

  28. Java Graphics and Java2D

  29. Java Graphical User Interface Components

  30. Java Multimedia: Images, Animation, Audio and Video

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