C Multiple Choice Questions and Answers [MCQ]

Our C questions and answers focuses on all areas of C programming language covering 100+ topics in C.

List of MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions & Answers) on C Programming with  topics:

MCQ on Data Types, Operators and Expressions in C

Variable Names
Data Types and Sizes
Arithmetic Operators
Relational & Logical Operators
Type Conversions
Increment and Decrement Operators
Bitwise Operators
Assigment Operators & Expressions
Conditional Expressions
Precedence and Order of Evaluation

2. MCQ on Control Flow Statements in C

If-then-else Statements
Switch Statements
For Loops

While Loops

Break and Continue
Goto & Labels

3. MCQ on C Functions and Structure of a Program

The section contains questions and answers on functions basics, external variables, variable scope, static and register variables, automatic variables, c-preprocessor, file inclusion, macro substitution and conditional inclusion.

Basics of Functions
Functions Returning Non-integers
External Variables
Scope of a Variable
Static Variables
Register Variables
Automatic Variables
File Inclusion
Macro Substitution
Conditional Inclusion

4. Questions on Pointers and Arrays in C

The section contains questions on pointers and addresses, function arguments, arrays, address arithmetic, character pointers and functions, multidimensional arrays, pointer arrays initialization, command line arguments and complicated declarations.

Pointers and Addresses
Pointers and Function Arguments
Pointers and Arrays
Address Arithmetic
Character Pointers and Functions
Pointers to Pointers

Multidimensional Arrays
Initialization of Pointer Array
Pointers Vs. Multi-dimensional Arrays
Command Line Arguments
Pointers to Functions
Complicated Declarations

5. Questions & Answers on Structures, Unions and Bit-Fields in C

The section contains questions and answers on structures basics, functions, arrays of structures, pointer to structires, self referential structures, table lookup, typedefs, unions and bit fields.

Basics of Structures
Structures and Functions
Arrays of Structures
Pointer to Structures
Self-Referential Structures
Table Lookup

6. Questions on Input and Output in C

The section contains questions on standard input and output, formatted input and output, variable length argument, file access, error handling, line input and output, string operations, character class testing, ungetc, storage management, mathematical functions, random number generation, file operations, printf and scanf.

Standard Input & Output
Formatted Output
Variable Length Argument
Formatted Input
File Access
Error Handling
Line Input & Output
String Operations

Character Class Testing & Conversions
Storage Management
Mathematical Functions
Random Number Generation
File Operations

7. Questions & Answers on Floating Point & Sizeof Operator in C

The section contains questions and answers on float datatype and sizeof keyword.

Float Datatype

Sizeof Keyword

8. Questions on Enumerations and Typedefs in C

The section contains questions on enums and typedef.


9. Questions & Answers on String Operations in C

The section contains questions and answers on string operations, character and error handling.

String Operations
Character Handling
Error Handling

10. Questions on C Library

The section contains questions on mathematical functions, general utilities, diagnostics, variable argument lists, non local jumps, localization, signal handling, standard definition, implementation defined limits, date and time functions.

Mathematical Functions
General Utilities

Variable Argument Lists
Non-Local Jumps
Signal Handling
Standard Definition
Date and Time Functions
Implementation-Defined Limits

11. Questions & Answers on Dynamic Memory Allocation in C

The section contains questions and answers on static and dynamic memory allocation, dma functions, memory leak and dangling pointers.

Static vs Dynamic Memory Allocation
DMA Functions, Memory Leak, Dangling Pointers – 1 DMA Functions, Memory Leak, Dangling Pointers

12. Questions on C Preprocessor

The section contains questions on pragma, stringizers, conditional preprocessor directives and token concatenation.

Conditional Preprocessor Directives – 1 Conditional Preprocessor Directives – 2
Token Concatenation

13. Questions & Answers on Miscellaneous Topics in C

The section contains questions and answers on inline, endianness, recursion and signed qualifier.

Endianness Recursion
Signed Qualifier

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